High Rollers
High Rollers

Goodbye, I’m on my way
Off to where high rollers play
With wild jackpot dreams
and all my dough
Once upon a time…, maybe then
But you can’t go home again
And the more you dig the deeper you go

Throw the dice, spin the wheel
Pick a card, make a deal
Drink the whiskey, drink the rum then get in line
Lay it on red and spin again
Nobody around here needs a friend
Were just trying to get ahead and we’re way behind

With a gentle wind
The weather vein will spin
Desert sand and gold dust on the breeze
If you see me on the strip
With eyes of distant ships
You’ll know the shore is fading far from me

Empty pockets, empty bank
Pull the lever, fire blanks
All stoned, cold and waiting on the deal
Smoke rings round your brain
Everything is circling round the drain
When you let it all go riding on the wheel (chorus)

Try your luck and take a chance
Let it roll and take your stance
Bright constellations paint the prairie’s sky
Close your eyes into a dream
Steal away from everything
These nights are like high rollers rolling by (chorus)