Out of the Fast Lane
Waking round the canyon’s rim
Feel my breath about to blow
High as condors fly
18 miles wide
Snake River winding down below

Driving through the desert valley
Open space, eternity
Everything is right
Full moon comes tonight
I feel faith return to me

Taking the time
Out of my mind
Out in a world
Where everything shines…
Taking it in
Taking it slow
Out of fast lane
Let it go

Son you know it makes me shiver
It’s moving at the speed of sound
Your tiny shadow’s gone
Time keeps pressing on
There’s no way to slow it down

Not long ago, you know, I saw old Joe
He hadn’t changed that much to me
He may never grip
How he saved this ship
From being swallowed by the sea (Chorus)

Walking round the canyon’s rim
Smell the sweet natural perfume
Puff clouds and blue skies
Above the canyon rise
White and gold Cliff Rose in bloom (Chorus)