Fistful O’ Water
There’s something I’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout for far too long
Something weighing heavy on my mind
I thought I had you figured out, but I guess I’m wrong
I know that your heart it just ain’t mine
Like a fistful o’ water
You slip right through my fingers
I can’t keep a grip on you
Like a fistful o’ water
You make no sense at all
But I keep acting like you do
I could put it all on you
But I’m the one to blame
I’m the one who let you back in bed
Love is blind and dumb as well
And it’s a dog gone shame
Don’t know what was runnin’ through my head
Guitar solo
This thing we have just ain’t good for my health
And I don’t know why I keep you hangin’ ‘round
I know I can do bad all by myself
When all you wanna do is bring me down
Chorus x2
Can’t quench your thirst with a fistful o’ water
All you can do is wash your face and hands
Can’t grow no crops with a fistful o’ water
A fistful o’ water won’t save a dying man