Don’t Throw Me Away
How do I take away you hurt
When I know that I did you wrong
How could I not see your worth
And make you spend those long nights alone
I wish I could explain
But I know it’s too late
Please please please
Don’t throw me away
No one can love me like you do
And I know that I should’ve seen it then
But I was too busy being a fool
To notice all the pain you were in
Guitar solo with keys assist
If it makes any difference I love you
Never doubt
Never doubt that it was real
If I have the rest of my life
To make it up to you
I would need one more day
Just to show you how I feel
How dare I expect you to hold on
Guess I knew that it would come to this
You could only take my mess for so long
Now you’re gone
And you’re everything I miss