I don’t know how to handle your attitude
Why does everything I say **** you off
Been doing everything that I can for you
But nothing that I do is enough
In my own house I tiptoe on egg shells
Don’t know what to do with it all
I feel like I’m walking a tightrope
And today is the day that I fall
What else can I do to appease you
I’ve done everything that you ask
Been breaking my back just to please you
Tell me why you treat me so bad
I know I ain’t perfect but I try baby
The things you do make me feel so small
Guitar solo
You know ain’t nobody gone love you like I do
Ain’t nobody gone put up with your mess
Maybe that’s why I just can’t leave you
Cuz I know I’m the one who loves you best
It’s time that I stop putting you first baby
I can’t keep being your rag doll
It’s time I step down off of that tightrope
Cuz today ain’t the day that I fall
Today ain’t the day I fall.