Brother Green
Arranged by Barry Abernathy, Jim VanCleve and Darrell Webb

Oh brother Green, do come to me,
For I am shot and bleeding.
And I must die, no more to see.
My wife and my dear children.

The fighting foe has laid me low
On this cold ground to suffer.
Oh brother, stay and put me away,
And write my wife a letter.

Tell her I know she prayed for me.
And now her prayers are answered.
That I might be prepared to die
If I should fall in battle.

Go tell my wife she must not grieve.
Go kiss my little children.
For they may call to me in vain,
When I am gone to Heaven.

My little ones I love so well,
Oh could I once more see them?
That I might bid them a long farewell,
And meet them all in Heaven.

Oh brother I am dying now.
Oh do I die so easy?
Oh surely death has lost its sting,
Because I love my Jesus.