In Time, Jubilation (feat. Dolly Parton)
Arranged by Jim VanCleave and Stuart Duncan

The mighty Appalachian Mountains, running fifteen-hundred miles, from Canada to Georgia, are almost as old as the Earth itself. Peaks and valleys, swathed in pale blue smoke, seem to stretch to infinity. They hold mysteries and wonders, the power of thundering rivers, glades and meadows, darkly shaded canyons and wind-whipped peaks. The people who've lived in these mountains and hills over the centuries - the native and the settlers, the enslaved and the free, the farmers and the miners, the men, women and children - they are bound to this place and shaped by it. They're loyal to the land and to one another. Because sometimes that's what it takes to survive here. With faith and resilience, Appalachians have endured cold, dark winters, punishing work and hunger, floods and fires. But pride in this place and our people endures, even into the modern age. Every loss is mourned, and the sunrise of every new day inhaled as a blessing from God. For we know that for every dark valley on our journey, we will arrive on another peak.

Every tribulation is answered, in time, with Jubilation.