Dark Horse Rider
Dark Horse Rider
Words and Music by: JP Ranger
(c) + (p) 2010 Blue Pie USA LLC

I was sittin' on the back porch catchin' me some sun.
For fifteen long years you know I’ve been on the run.
They've been calling me an outlaw and cast me for a thief.
You know sometimes I just wish I could get me some relief.

I phone up all my friends just to find that they are gone.
And the ones that I do find don't remember me at all
Spoke to a gypsy lady just the other day.
She said look within yourself and you will find your way.

She cast her spell and like the wind I was gone.
A dark horse rider running into the fog.

I ran into a native and he was singing a weird song.
I said Hey man, can you tell me where I'm going.
He said I am just a spirit, only Eagle do I speak.
He said the voice inside the mind is the light that you seek.

I continue on my journey with no purpose and no aim.
There’s a storm on the horizon and I ride out just the same.
Rolling clouds above me I’m about to face my fear
With guilt gnawing at me, I’ve decided to come clear

To release my spell, I must right was is wrong
You better hold on tight ‘cause this rider is coming home

We ride on through the night, ride on through the rain
Dark horse ride to the horizon, ride ‘til you are safe
Don’t you ever give up ridin', you gotta ride on through the storm
Dark horse ride on through the darkness
Ride ‘til you see dawn

You’re witness to the sun’s rebirth at dawn
The sounds of the distant thunder are all but gone
A new day, new beginning for you has come
Feel the misty wind upon your face and be reborn

Well I'm sittin' on the back porch waking up from a dream
My mind is just so hazy I don't know where I’ve been
There’s a man with a badge standin’ there by the tree says
Good mornin' Mr. Ranger won't you please come with me

Next thing I know I'm in a police cruiser
Sitting right next to Buddy the old boozer
He says It’s sure a nice day to go out for a ride
To this old place where the sun don't ever shine

Well on the next street corner, I see a dark horse on the run
So I jump upon its back and disappear into the sun

And we go ridin' through the night, ride on through the rain