Jacobsville Jail
Jacobsville, Jail – Time 3:50

Jonas Scott Cowan
Musical Arrangement:
Tommy Stillwell
Works From Stillwell International BMI

Vocals: Jonas Scott Cowan
Backing Group Vocals: Tommy Stillwell
Acoustic & Resonator Guitars: Jonas Scott Cowan
Electric Slide Guitar: Tommy Stillwell
Electric Guitar Solos: Jeroen van Tuijl
Bass: Jon Rochner
Drums: Danny Erkman Sr.

Produced & Mixed by: Tommy Stillwell

Recorded at:
Bobeanies Studio Evansville, IN
Engineered by: Mike Lankford

Guitars & Vocals Recorded at:
Twin Lakes Sound Studio Ownesboro, KY
Engineered by: Tommy Stillwell
Mastered by: Tommy Stillwell at Twin Lakes

CD Photos by: Becky Szymanski
CD artwork design by: Tommy Stillwell


This is a musical journey from start to finish.
With Guitar solo work by Dutch Guitarist Jeroen Van Tuijl and Electric Slide Guitar by Tommy Stillwell set over acoustic and resonator tracks by Jonas Scott Cowan, the tone is set for a look into darkness.