Easter Eve
Easter Eve

Well me and my son of only fourteen
A finer young gentleman you’ve never seen
We went out walking on Easter Eve
Just to pass some time together

Well he asked me some questions of things that I’d done
But I kept it good natured, we were just having fun
And we talked about everything under the sun
And the Easter bells were chiming

So we walked for a while into a café we went
For we were hungry from the time we’d spent
We carried no malice or any contempt
And both our hearts were shining

Well we weren’t there long before my kid said hey
There’s a man over there and he’s looking our way
Pay no attention I said to the lad
Let’s just mind our own business this evening

Well the man approached said what are you staring at
And that if we didn’t stop gawking he’d take us out back
And teach us some manners, it was simple as that
Keep your eyes to yourselves, you bastards

So I looked up and said why don’t you just sit down
You’re walking here, sir, on very thin ground
There’s nobody gawking or looking around
And you’re alarming all of the patrons

Well I guess that I shouldn’t have said that
’Cause he raised his voice said get ready to scrap
And with that he gave my kid’s head a snap
And said come and get what you’ve got coming

Well my son stood up and hit him a lick
And I tried to stop him but it happened so quick
Then he smashed the man’s head down in the deck
He was giving that fella a beating

But the man reached down pulled out a small gun
And he pointed it straight at the head of my son
But with a longneck bottle the kid slashed at his jaw
And the pistol fell down on the table

Well thank God the cops came and broke up the brawl
There was blood on the ceiling and blood on the wall
I said to my son you know you don’t win ’em all
This has sure been one hell of an evening

He said you know Dad I never even saw that gal
But I wasn’t going to stand for him threatening us now
And I hope you forgive me for being so wild
Here on Easter Evening

Well they arrested us all and took us to jail
But ten minutes later we were all out on bail
And the wife of the man came up to my son
And said thank you young man for what you have done

You know my husband is jealous and very cruel
And whenever we’re out he always acts like a fool
And I’m gonna quit him now that they got him locked up
And I hope to hell that he will rot

Well me and my son of only fourteen
A finer young gentleman you’ve never seen
We went out walking one Easter Eve
And left with that man’s wife that evening