Louisiana Girl
Louisiana Girl


Well, I know a girl way down in Louisiana
Lives on the river where the catfish bite
She goes ridin’ out in a Pero
Huntin’ alligator on a Louisiana night.

Lips are as warm as a bottle full of hot sauce
Got more lovin’ than a man can take
She goes dancin’ out in the Bayou
Shakin’ and shiverin’ like a rattle snake.

Well, I’d swim across the river where the water gets deep
Where the snakes and the crawfish bittin’ at my feet
Wrestle me the meanest alligator in the world
Just to get my arms ‘round that Louisiana girl.

She goes fishin’ right off her back porch
Sittin’ with a coon dog lookin’ so fine
Brown hair blowin’ out in the sunlight
Cut off britches and a jar of shine.

I tear out, long about sundown
Pick her up at seven and she climbs on in
She slides up, sittin’ there beside me
Smilin’ like a gator, with that Louisiana grin.

(Repeat Chorus )

I’m headed out now ridin’ through the Bayou
Gonna’ see the girl that I love so well
If I don’t come back, you’ll know what happened
If the swamp don’t get me, her love sure will.

(Repeat Chorus)

I gotta get my arms ‘round that Louisiana girl.

Aw, just sit tight baby. I’m on my way.
Ain’t nothing gonna stop me.
I ain’t scared of no alligator.

Writer – Johnathan Page East