If It Ain't Broke
If It Ain’t Broke

She came in from work with that same old smile that she had on yesterday
Tossed her keys on the counter and she put her coat away
Looked at me with them loving eyes and said thank God I’m finally home
Turned around and she put some supper on.

I sat down at the kitchen table the way I always do
Talked a while as I read the paper ‘bout what was in the news
And then I slid up behind her waist and I leaned in for a kiss
I said, tell me do you ever get tired of living like this
And she said

If it ain’t broke, baby don’t fix it
If it runs, honey just let it
If it feels right, darlin’ keep at it
And don’t you dare let go
‘Cause love ain’t nothing but a 3 chord song
Same old tune spinning on and on
I don’t know what it is between you and me
But if it ain’t broke, baby just let it be.

Something ‘bout the way she spoke, I just had to laugh
You know it ain’t every day, you go and find a love like that
What we’ve got here, girl’s like a well-oiled machine
And I kinda’ like this old routine.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I’m not bold enough to doubt the good Lord’s plans
But I’ve learned enough now to just leave it in His hands.

(Repeat Chorus)

Writer – Johnathan Page East