My Kinda Country
My Kinda’ Country

My kinda’ country I guess you might say’s out of style
It’s sweet and it’s sad and sometimes just a tad bit too wild
It’s foot stompin’, knee slappin’, two steppin’, keg tappin’
Hillbilly life put to song
Yeah, my kinda’ country, can still keep them singin’ along.

My kinda’ country has still got an old fashion sound
It’s denim and leather and hits you whenever you’re down
Well it’s mostly on vinyl, but done right it’s liable
To make you go out of your mind
And it’s funny how my kinda’ country still rolls with the time.

(Chorus -1)
My kinda’ country has still got some meaning
It’s songs about momma’, drinkin’ and cheatin’
Jesus and prison and honky tonk women
Yeah, my kinda’ country is all about feeling.

My kinda’ country don’t come out the Nashville scene
Well, it ain’t cookie cutter and brother, it ain’t always clean
It’s straight out the bar rooms with shotguns and tattoos
Put over a sweet melody
Yeah and my kinda’ country is tailored to people like me.

(Chorus – 2)
My kinda’ country is sometimes heartbreakin’
It’s songs about dirt roads, lust and temptation
Sin and redemption, downhome southern livin’
Yeah my kinda country is all about healing.


My kinda’ country don’t follow no kinda’ rules
It’s a little out dated and some might even say it ain’t cool
It’s speakin’ your mind, in three quarter time
And crankin’ the guitars up loud
Yeah my kinda’ country can sure make a good ole boy proud.

(Repeat Chorus – 1)

Writer – Johnathan Page East