When I Meet Jesus
When I Meet Jesus

When I meet Jesus, man I wonder what I’ll say
Will I be forgivin’, when it comes my Judgment Day
Will there be angels, dressed in robes of white
Will they take me onto Heaven, to start up my new life
When I meet Jesus.

Will He remind me of my struggles and the way I spent my days
Every rotten thing I ever did and all the hell I raised
The world I tried to satisfy and the ones that I let down
And the day I finally turned it all around.

(1st Chorus)
They’ll be things that I’m ashamed of and sins that I’ll regret
Times I’m not so proud of and some I wish I could forgot
But I’ll know just what it’s like then, to be a perfect man
When I meet Jesus, I think I’m gonna’ finally understand.

I’m gonna ask him ‘bout my Grandma, man I wonder how she’s been
I know she spent her last breath prayin’, just talkin’ straight to Him
And I’ll thank Him for my family and the man that I’ve become
And every miracle in my life that He’s done.

(2nd Chorus)
And we’ll walk down those streets of gold just like two long lost friends
And I’ll kneel down by His side there and kiss His nail scarred hands
And I’ll feel His love and mercy as I cross those Pearly Gates
Just thinkin’ ‘bout it now, I just can’t wait
When I meet Jesus.

And I’ll gather with the saints as we sit beneath His throne
Singin’ Hallelujah ‘cause we finally made it home
And I won’t have to worry, ‘cause there won’t be any doubt
And I’ll finally know what love and grace is really all about
When I meet Jesus.

When I meet Jesus, man I wonder how I’ll feel
Will time just seem to stop right there, will everything stand still
Will He be smiling, glad to see my face
Will the problems in this world just be erased
When I meet Jesus.

Writer – Johnathan Page East