A Little on the Redneck Side
A Little on the Redneck Side

Well, I come from the South, I’m a rolling stone
The woods of Alabama is where I call my home
I’m a country boy and I don’t belong
Among the bright lights of L. A.
Got a pick-up truck with a straight pipe sound
Come Friday night, I ride through town
Got the radio up and windows rolled down
All the women they look my way.

‘Cause I’m a fun loving, beer chugging, reckless kind that don’t take nothing
Put me down, we can sure enough step outside
I like Jim Beam and John Wayne, us good ole boys we’re all the same
With a big hell yeah and a whole lot of American pride
Just a little on the Redneck side.

Weekend comes, I’ve got a steel guitar
Blaring out loud from a roadhouse bar
So put a dollar in that ole tip jar
And play another country song
We got late night women and ole pool halls
Cigar smoke and barroom brawls
And with them deer heads up on the wall
Honey, that’s what I call home.

(Repeat Chorus)

Faded jeans and a flannel shirt
Carhartt boots caked up in dirt
Living fast and living free
Don’t give a damn what you think of me.
Ah yeah..

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, just a little on the redneck side.

Just a little on the redneck side.

Writer – Johnathan Page East