American Farmer
American Farmer

Take a ride down a Carolina backroad in July
Gaze across that dusty field and tell me what you see
A young man on a tractor underneath that clear blue sky
Breakin’ his back to feed folks like you and me.

Now there’s an Indiana cowboy workin’ steady ‘round the clock
Tossin’ hay on a flatbed truck and going back again
He’s had his share of dry spells and at time ain’t made a lot
But a little bit of hard times, ain’t never got to him.

God bless that American farmer
Well he’s up before the crack of dawn just prayin’ for the rain
Puttin’ food on your table, just as long as he is able
He’ll be running that tractor down them amber waves of grain.

Hey there Mr. Banker, tell me do you have a soul
Surely now your heart it ain’t completely made of stone
You say it’s just your job puttin’ farmers in the hole
Tell me what you gonna’ do now the day that it’s all gone.

There’s an old man by the courthouse just parked up on the square
He’s sellin’ local produce to local families
But he just can’t compete with the super market there
Who just as soon buy their food from somewhere over seas.

(Repeat Chorus)

By the sweat on his brow and the dirt on his hands
He’s what keeps this country running strong though so few understand
About the time he spends a workin’, never stops to wonder why
And doing everything to just get by.

(Repeat Chorus)

Take a ride down a Carolina backroad in July

Writer – Johnathan Page East