Forever With You


Songwriter: Jim Pipkin
Publishing: Jim Pipkin BMI
Release date: 20 Nov, 2004

I have wasted many years, chasing diamonds and gold
But they danced just beyond all my schemes
When right here there was a treasure to have and to hold
Priceless beyond all my dreams

There are those who wander lonely throughout all of their lives
Despite all of the love they go through
I thank God every time I look in your eyes
He gave me forever with you

All the trials and troubles that make life seem unkind
Fade away with the things that you do
There is something here between us that will join us through time
And I pray for forever with you

There are moments on the desert when the sun's rays slant low
When the air shimmers crystalline clear
When the cool of evening mingles with the sunset's warm glow
That's how you make me feel when you're near
There is fairy-tale magic in this world, but it's rare
Sparkling spells that bind some lucky few
The one regret I carry on this journey we share
I've only got one forever with you

When our time here is over and we come to that door
All mortals are bound to pass through
I won't fear what forever may be holding in store
If I can spend my forever with you