No More
NO MORE (5:01)


Songwriter: Jim Pipkin
Publishing: Jim Pipkin BMI
Release date: March 2,2013

She's still awake
It's early morning
She can't sleep
Knows the'ell be no warning
The second something does not go to plan
If she gets off lucky it'll just be the back of his hand
So tired of a face that's stiff and sore
She ain't gonna try to hide the bruises

Too many years, she's made excuses
Blamed herself for the language that he uses
Her momma says "girl why must you complain? If you just tried harder to get along, there wouldn't need to be no pain.
It ain't like no woman's never been hit before. You can only expect so much from your man, and NO MORE."

Tonight's the night. She's feelin' hollow. She'll take his keys, so he can't follow.
I took her months to plan her getaway - to find that safe and secret place where she and the kids can stay.
Friends and family were not there for her before, and when she leaves she won't be comin' back NO MORE.