Happy New Year
I waited for you at a table for two
I waited for you in my fancy dress
And my fancy shoes
Drum my fingernails on the tablecloth
This bread that's getting cold
Makes good food for thought

And everyone is so happy here
They kiss and hug
It's a happy new year

There's a woman sitting across from me
She's with a man and they remind me
Of how we used to be
Smiling and laughing, drinking, carefree
Then a waiter comes by
And breaks my little reverie

Everyone is so happy here
They clink their glasses
It's gonna be a happy new year

And I don't know who I am
And I don't know why you didn't call
And I don't know where I stand
I just don't wanna feel so very small

I waited for you with a bottle of wine
I watched the doorway for a very long time
And I'm feeling tired and I'm feeling old
I grab my coat and walk
Back out into the cold

Everyone is so happy here
Everywhere I look
It's such a happy new year
Happy new year.