Little One
Little one, I dreamed of you last night
Little one, I was holding you tight
And I said to you, “Do you really have to go away again?”
So I sang to you our favorite song
Hoping I could make you stay
But when I woke I knew you were gone
There's nothing left to do or say

Little one, I loved you more each day
But little one, I couldn't keep you safe
No matter how I, how hard I tried
To keep you here with me
We couldn't find a place to hide
Where we never would be seen
So we tried to run and we then we tried to fight
The bitterness of ending
So I ask the night if you're all right
And I hope you remember my love
I would give most anything just to hold you once
But if I did get my wish, once would never be enough
Little one, I dreamed of you last night.