Good Company
There's a robin's nest outside my apartment
I found it just the other day
Now every time I pass by it so quietly
Don't want to scare her away
In this temporary home she's made
She watches me unafraid
But she's here for the spring
And I don't mean a thing to her
By summer she'll fly away

There's a boy who lives across the street
One day we'll meet and we'll start holding hands
And he will tell me that he loves me and wants me
For fun we will look at wedding bands
But it's a temporary home we'll make
And when summer rain turns to snow flakes
He will find someone new
It's the cool thing to do
And I'll be blue when he flies away

And maybe I'm the one who's afraid
Of getting caught in this nest I've made

There is music in my veins
I can feel it, I hear it each minute of my day
And all the bluebirds and redbirds and blackbirds
They wave me on my way
In this temporary home I've made
Oh they know I could never stay
'Cause the world is so wide
And when I step outside I know I'll be
In good company
When I fly away.