Something, Anything
I ask myself these questions late at night sometimes
Oh how they keep me from sleep
Searching the ceiling, searching the walls, searching the sky
For something, anything to maybe clear my mind, I don't know why
No, you don't understand
No you don't see
You were always busy making other plans
You told everyone but me

Well it's too bad we always have to over analyze
And desensitize and make up lies and hide under the bed
But I'm not gonna try
I'm tired of playing hide-and-seek
And I'm gonna sit here
Until you decide to crawl out of my head
No, no one comes close to you
And I couldn't see
But there was always something more you had to do
And you chose everyone but me

Why can't you give me everything I thought you could?
Why can't you hold me like a little girl, like a baby?

And did you see me leaving?
Did you wonder where I was?
When your party was over, did you notice I was gone?
No, I can't get close to you
'Cause you won't let me
You were always just a little beyond my reach
And everyone saw it, everyone knew it but me.

'Cause I ask myself these questions late at night sometimes.