From outer space can you zoom in on me?
You might as well be searching for a seed
In outer space, I would miss gravity
But I'd get the perspective I need
Why do I need to always be understood?
From outer space, could I see what God sees
When he's shaking his head, looking down?
Or maybe he's here down below on the ground
Just walking around and wondering up at the clouds
Kinda like me, he just needs to be understood
Just needs to do some good.

Be a dear and save me a place in line
See how we're getting closer all the time
'Cause I've got a feeling, a good feeling
I've got a feeling we'll be fine
So baby shine on, shine on with me.

From outer space, I'd feel so far away
And I'd miss the warmth of the sun
In outer space, that's the price that we pay
Never knowing when the day is done
Why do we want to always be understood?
Look at the stars, how bright they all are
Oh I wish I may, wish I might
Look at the sky, it's as blue as can be
But it's only a trick of the light
So why do I try to always be understood?
Let's all try to do some good.