08 Cold Front
Cold Front - by Jeff Mamett

(V) There’s our picture on the dresser wearing smiles on our faces.
Gets me to wishing I could trade places - with me - back then
life was a dream - thats what I could see - Had the world by the tail - you and me.
You never could know - the way things would go - in the end.

(V) The forecast has a low pressure zone - dropping a hailstorm - down on our home.
I see clouds behind your eyes.
Theres a feeling I get I can’t dismiss - the taste of frost on your good morning kiss.
A hitch in your smile reveals - where our future lies.


(B) I took no notice to the warning signs.
Comfort conveniently turned me blind - to the changes
that I failed to see.

( 1/2 V) Friends start whispering when I come near.
I know what they're saying - they don't think I hear.
How am I doing? - Seems you already know.

(Ch) I’m gonna pack my bag and leave this town.
The north wind is pushing the jet stream down
A big chill’s riding on a bitter wind.
Summer is gone. There’s a cold front moving in.