06 Feels Like Love
Feels like Love - by Jeff Mamett

(V) All day long I dream about you, you’re always on my mind
I cant eat and I cant sleep and I lose all track of time
I go round acting dizzy as my senses all unwind
but I don’t need no doctor - I feel fine

(Ch) It feels like love - it feels like love to me
If you’ll be my flower, Ill be your honey bee
you fill my heart up, more than more can be
I never felt this way before - it feels like love to me

(V) Theres butterflies in my stomach, my heart skips when you’re near
my friends all wonder where I’ve been. I cant get enough its clear
in my eyes you’re perfect - way beyond compare
to be your one and only, I’d follow you anywhere

(V) One day I’ll ask the question from my bended knee
we’ll build ourselves a cabin and raise a family
As our hair turns silver, we’ll grow old happily
You’ll still be my honey when we’re ninety three.