05 Off And Runnin'
Off and Running - by Jeff Mamett

(V): We were just bored kids with the summertime blues
my buddy said, I got a bet for you
Let’s see you ride that cow - I should have known better
was a double dog dare - so I hopped up on her
She took two jumps - I was in the air - when I hit the ground
was a bull in there
Sounded like a freight train - snorting and a huffin
didn’t waste no time when I saw him coming.

(C): We were off and running - off and running - we were off and running - there aint no turning back

(V): freckle faced girl in my 6th grade class -sitting right behind her - made my Heart beat fast.
I pulled on her pigtail to get her attention - she hollered out loud - got me detention
I sent her a note to make up for my ways - she said carry my books - but you got to behave
Teacher caught us under the sycamore tree - K-I-S-S-I-N-G

(V): seven years passed had my truck gassed up - coasted to her yard with the headlights off
Threw a pebble at her window- leaned a ladder on the house - she tossed me her suitcase and started on down
window slammed shut - lights came on - dog started barkin - daddy hollered for his gun
saw moonlight on the barrel through the rearview mirror threw a roostertail of gravel - I was pulling gears

(V): wrote a letter to her folks to say where we were living - in time they came to visit - all was forgiven.
I got me a job filling bags at the mill - brought her my checks - she paid the bills
She’d save a little back when payday rolled around - we’d go out dancing - have a night on the town.
Before too long we had a bun in the oven - one freckle faced kid - now we’re up to half a dozen