03 Bing Bang Boom
Bing, Bang, Boom - by Jeff Mamett

(V) I was just like the wind, flying fast and free
I never let a woman get a hold on me
Like a mustang roaming the open range
I’d go honky tonkin round

I saw her standing there and I asked her to dance
I looked in her eyes and fell into a trance
I was struck by lightning and paralyzed
I felt my feet lose touch with the floor .

(Ch) Bing - bang - boom - right between the eyes
Bing - Bang - boom - she had me mesmerized
I’m helpless as a lamb - eating from the palm of her hand
Bing - bang- boom - when she’s sweet talking to me
I’m seeing double - getting weak in the knees
Oh, how she loves me. Bing - bang - boom

(V) Well I didn’t go down swinging I just took a dive
while my independence was waving goodbye
I saw stars - heard wedding bells
and never even felt the fall

That little gal puts me right over the moon
She gives a little whistle and I’m dancing her tune
She got a honey do list ten miles long
And I don’t mind at all