02 Dark Spanish Eyes
Dark Spanish Eyes
by Jeff Mamett
(V) Rosarita -south of the border
golden tequila - with salt and a lime
oh senorita - sweet lovely chiquita
I was caught in the gaze of her dark spanish eyes
(V) Magedllena - played the guitar
a singer of love songs from old days gone by
I went to see her - down at the cantina
she played on my heart strings - i got lost in her eyes
(Ch) Dark spanish eyes - I see while I slumber, Laying out under the stars in the sky
If it seems I am dreaming - please don't wake me too soon
cause I ‘m dancing on moonbeams in her dark spanish eyes
(V) She came to my table - and sat down beside me. I bought her a drink - we talked about life
She said all is illusion - we see what we want to
I see me loving the girl ; with the dark spanish eyes