01 Poor House Road
Poor House Road
by Jeff Mamett

(V) Mamma never had a diamond - Daddy never had a rest
Hard times was no stranger - They always gave their best
Patches on our patches - things we had were few
Trusting that our faith and love would always see us through

Carry me back - to old poor house road
wind along that dusty lane to where the woodbine grows
Precious memories - warm me when I’m cold
When we lived on love and pennies, down on poor house road

(V) I close my eyes - and see our simple little home
getting smaller in the rearview till it was finally gone
searching for a rainbow - way beyond the blue
15 dollars in my pocket, a pair of twenties in my shoe

(V) I’ve stretched my legs in first class - Begged rides with my thumb
It’s been so long I lost track of all my trips around the sun
Often times I wonder - why I went so far to find
I’d trade all my gold and silver for just one day back in time

(Tag) Way down on Poor House Road
Way down, Way down,
Way down on Poor House Road