Always On My Way Back Home
Always On My Way Back Home

last time I was in Chicago
I said goodbye to my old friend
I sang a song there for the gathering
then I disappeared again
Illinois in August
left a bad taste in my mouth
so I set my sites on Shiloh
and my little home down south

so I won’t always feel like I’m waiting
so I won’t always feel like I’m so long gone
I keep you here with me
in my little book of dreams and
I’m always on my way back home

I think children are the bravest soldiers
in any war that I’ve ever known
they stand and smile and hold your hand
while the bad guys drop the bomb
then they run laughing down through the ruins
to find a better way
and the best that you can hope for
is that they remember you someday

I appreciate your kindness
and the northern star last night
these lines out on the highway
and the time to make it right
thank you for the music
and the family reserve
thank you for this life
and so much more than I deserve