The Best I Can Do
The Best I Can Do

we need a river
we need a meadow
we need wildflowers now
lightning bugs and little whispers
and a clear way out of this crowd
I’ve got a feeling I could lean on you

can’t hold the television
newspapers or religion
or rumors on the radio
with much regard for any
true information lately
or inspiration for my soul
I’ve got a feeling now though
I’m getting through

remember the reasons
and us laughing out loud
I believe there’s more out there than
what we’re finding now

I’ve been searching
I’ve been longing for that one quiet day
when the sun fell softly upon our bodies
and we weren’t trying to fly away

I won’t try explaining the changes you own
and you don’t know what I’m going through
but for changing my life
I’m thanking you now
that’s the best I can do
that’s the best I can do