How To Save The World
How To Save The World

you wake up early in the morning
break your back to make your bed
you get the coffee boiling, Black
whatever it takes to clear your head
then you walk to the window
with your thoughts to meet the day
you count your blessings boy
then you best get the hell out the way

then you learn to forgive
and you forgive it all
because the hate
just leaves you cold, cold
and you forgive yourself
because you’re not a fool
and now you can’t say you didn’t know
how to save the world
how to save the world

it’s a bitter pill to take
and pride she go down slow
iand n those small hours turning late
you’re learning how to let it go
then you hear the children laughing louder
and you know you’ve got a decent start
you spend more time listening now
than trying to break your own heart

you take a deep breath
let it out slow
turn the key
and you let it roll