Calliope Song
Calliope Song

there used to be a little dancer
running fast down through my day
you can tell me not to worry
but she’s been gone a long long time

no lens or magic camera
could capture or replace
the way we used to feel
down on this side of the line

will I never get to play you
my calliope song
will I forever be reminded
one might never right a wrong
I know you’re out there
twisting turning churning in the blue
do right by me darling
I was true to you do right by me darling
I was true to you

in a dirty bombed out basement
full of Reagan devotees
jacking my redemption
and pissing on my name

hangs a picture of my old friend
who forgives everyone but me
I guess science and religion
always need a poor boy they can blame

from the first light out the window
honey you’ve been free to fly
I can’t make you love me
I won’t even try