Vinegar Hill
He fought in a war and they took him away from his home
Put him on board a boat sailed across the ocean floor
On the way over they nearly drowned in a storm
When they finally arrived there were people in small canoes
Then they stepped off the boats it became somebody else’s blues
Blues harp solo
Every night he would dream of his sweet love and the plans they once had
He’d see her smiling face everything would be alright
Until he woke up again to find himself in a different place
They couldn’t take it no more so they rallied on Vinegar Hill
with picks and sticks in their hands they faced a army well drilled
he took a shot to the heart and a priest read him his final will
He’s going to see his sweet love across that ocean sea
When he closes his eyes his spirits going to set him free
He’s going to join his sweet love there in eternity