Nursery Rhyme Blues
When Humpty Dumpty fell over the wall we couldn’t put him back together again
When Cinderella couldn’t find her lost shoe she realized she didn’t need to
Little Jack Horner kept the deed to himself he got so frightened he just fled that old house
Chorus Oh oh oh got to move on and stop singing those nursery rhyme songs x2
When old MacDonald left behind his old farm all his little animals just hid in his barn
When Little Bo peep finally found her lost sheep she was so surprised she just couldn’t speak
When Little Red Riding Hood made her way home she wasn’t the same little girl that left long ago
When Jack climbed down and chopped that Beanstalk to the ground that’s when his problems really began
When Sleeping Beauty finally woke up one day her knight in shining armour had remarried again
Hansel and Gretel made their way back they found their step mothers disguise in a sack
Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh yeah yay aye Oh oh oh yeah