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1 100 Monkeys

100 Monkeys 100 Monkeys

» described by SPIN.com as “funk rock”, by RollingStone.com as “tribal sounds with vocals recalling Jim Morrison’s baritone croon.” Beyond Race Mag says “sing-along-worthy, sometimes bluesy” & MTV says a mix of “Iggy Pop with theRaconteurs.
» AMERICA NORTH: USA:California (CA)
2 1720 Entertainment

1720 Entertainment 1720 Entertainment

» Country, Soca, Hip Hop, Alternative, Pop & R&B
3 2nd Place Driver

2nd Place Driver 2nd Place Driver

» catchy pop-rock songs with an electronic twist to them
» EUROPE: Netherlands
4 A Fragile Tomorrow

A Fragile Tomorrow A Fragile Tomorrow

» Catchy pop-rock/folk rock with diverse material
» AMERICA NORTH: USA:South Carolina (SC)
5 Aahbia

Aahbia Aahbia

» New Era Music Pop,R&B,Soul,Hip Hop
6 Ad Boc

Ad Boc Ad Boc

» Sounds like he listened to a lot of Beatles, Replacements, and wimpy indiepop
» AMERICA NORTH: USA:Massachusetts (MA)
7 Admiral Twin

Admiral Twin Admiral Twin

» Eccentric guitar-pop with smart lyrics and a good beat...and three part harmonies...and lots of hooks. Very little tuba, though. (Not that we have anything against a passionate, well-played tuba part. We just don't have any in our songs. Yet.)
8 Afterglow

Afterglow Afterglow

» pop music
» AMERICA NORTH: Canada:British Columbia
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