Daddy & Me
Writers: Alan Bibey, Jerry Salley

I was born in this small southern town
The apple of his eye
Just 20 but he was a man
First time he heard me cry

Couldn't wait for him to get home
Toss the ball around
He worked all day down at the factory
But he never let me down

He loved the Dodgers so I loved em too
I wanted to be just like him
I always did my best to walk in his shoes
Make him proud of me back when
We made memories, just Daddy & me

Followed my dreams to the big city lights
I lost my way now & then
Never more than one call away
Anytime I needed him

He taught me how it's done & how it's done right
He made me what I am
It was time to go, his job was all done
His boy was now a man

I sure miss the man that showed me my way
I'm trying to be a Dad like him
I still hear his voice in the words that I say
One day I'll see him again

Ch 2
He loved the Dodgers so I love em too
I'm still trying to be like him
I know he'll say hello and son I love you
And where have you been
Like it was meant to be, Daddy & me