Hitchhiking to California
Writers: Wes Golding, Alan Bibey & Jerry Salley

I left home again this mornin'
Not knowing where you are or what I'm gonna do
Girl, you left me without warning
Lord, I wish I could be with you

Hitchhiking to California
I've got the rambling blues
Hitchhiking to California
Woman, how I wish I could be with you

I hear the whistle of the freight train
Going by me as the missin' you moves in
Now I'm on this lonesome two lane, Lord
Til I'm in your arms again


Last I heard you were heading west bound
Talked to your mama and she said that's all she knew
There's just one thing left to do now
Ride my thumb all the way to you

Chorus x2

Hitchhiking to California