Down In The Towns
Once I met a man who used to roam across the land
Who fell in love with a rounder named Cheyanne
Three years been on the run dodging bullets, smoking guns
That’s how they envisioned having fun

Lock your windows, tap the lights it’s the calm before the tide
Sherriff Brown done said it’s too late now
Stealing and killing is their game, for the devil is to blame
Release the hounds, they’re down in the towns

From town to town they rode on dark horses black as coal
Robbing banks and fortunes made of gold
And in darkness they would hide as through the night they’d ride
For their wanted signs had read dead or alive

I can feel it in my core, a pain that ran through me before
When a shot rang out and my blood had stained the floor
Left my children with my wife that would guard them all her life
They’d be the only ones who would survive