Little Girl
Little Girl

Little girl, if I can hear your laughter then my day is made

You warm me with a fire when I have been out working in a cold


And I swear you have a way of knowing what I’m feeling

I told you I’d protect you but you’re the one who’s stronger, little girl

When the world is speeding through my mind and I am fading

I hear a soft voice call and troubles do not matter anymore

Then I’m back to being close to normal as I can be

You save the day again, with you I always win, little girl


Would the world be the world little girl without you

Cause I need everything little girl about you

Little girl, not everything has worked out as I told you

Yet you still hold my hand with dirt beneath its fingernails so tight

And it’s life, no matter where you live it and I love you

You’re the one thing I’ve done right be mine again tonight, little girl

Repeat chorus