Homemade (Wine)
Homemade Wine

Just waking up is killing me

I still taste last night every time I breathe

This shirt I’m wearing it ain’t mine

And it’s covered in that homemade wine

I got one shoe on but the other’s gone

I can’t figure out whose couch I’m on

I look for clues but there’s no sign

Been washed away by homemade wine


Homemade wine, homemade wine

It ain’t fancy, it ain’t fine

But it will get me every time

Can’t leave alone that homemade wine

You can never tell what’ll kick it off

Could be a little pull to help a cough

And then some more to ease my mind

And I lose a day to homemade wine

Repeat chorus

Now lying here with the bottle dry

A wet cloth stretched across my me eyes

I could swear you off yet another time

But we’ll meet again sweet homemade wine