I Just Gotta Get Relief From Me
I Gotta Get Relief From Me

Well I been sittin' here waitin' for the phone to ring, must be some one who want to talk to me
But no one ever calls, no one's knockin' at my door, i'm gettin' lonesome, bored and crazy as can be
(chorus) So light up another one and pour another one
Sing another song about the way it used to be
Strum on my guitar, and drive the neighbors nuts
Well I just gotta get relief from me

Well, one day feels just like the one that went by and I don't feel any different today
I don't got any clues how to shake these lousy blues and I think they're gonna carry me away
Well I know I got no one to blame my troubles on, you see I designed this foggy cloud around my head (good smoke)
And I know nobody cares if i'm still suckin' up the air, it doesn't matter if i'm alive or i''m dead
(chorus) (drunken guitar solo)
Now some where deep inside I know this person still exists, this guy with feelin's tenderness and love
But I've forgotten who he is and i'm not sure if he still live so I guess i'll just leave him for the Lord above