Labor Hall
Labor Hall

Impressions of this place
A darkened human race, Impoverished by the dope we smoke
And the sorrow that we face

Are you writing a love letter ma'am as the black man slowly walks by
She simply says no and returns
To the pages that she writes

And the streets are hot and faded
And the sidewalks splashed with vomit
Crowds of rats scamper out to gather the crumbs of some one's dinner

Women hide in corners while the men cop a feel for rocks
Labor hall opens it's doors while the men collect their thoughts
The artist walks the street, she's hoping for a gig in Austin
Entering the city like most unprepared,
It's life or death in the mind and the soul

And the heat of the day is faded and sweat on the face is a familiar foe
For society so unfeeling, so jaded you know. Ah, you know

It's your day of reckoning, the drug has brought you to your knees
See you're not so invincible, you're two steps from your grave
Now rise, take hold of your life, reach up and believe