4-Twilight Train (5:19) (Featured Track)
Twilight Train (5:19)
Contact: Geoff Hansplant / 215-852-1570
Songwriter: Geoff Hansplant
Publishing / PRO: Finger Candy Publishing / ASCAP
Produced by: Geoff Hansplant, Paul Deck, Ron DeSilvestro
Release Date: 1/13/2014
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Geoff Hansplant: Guitar and Vocal
Paul Deck: Drums and Percussion
Julie Myers: Violin and Piano
Nick Terramani: Upright Bass

Twilight Train is a song Geoff wrote for his father, just after his death. Dad's death was protracted and painful and gave us all time to get ready, but I found myself thinking about what he must be going through, emotionally, getting ready for that last, or maybe next, journey. Twilight is that time between light and dark, between life and death, the moment where we transition to the next stage of being. Perhaps the most moving song I have written to date.