Mandoliner's Dream
Mandoliner's Dream
Music & Lyrics by Brian Oberlin

There's a little old lady that'll yodel if you let her write a letter to the old time fiddler's guild
I thought I saw her in Arkansas her hands just right for the fiddle she built

I can sing melismo...........................quite well
But I wish I could spin the tale of an old white whale.... like Melville

On Friday night we'll drink from a jug from a still.... built on the moon
Brand new recipe, earthshine's a remedy to folks who howl at noon

White Freightliner, parked by the diner, haul them chickens to North Caroliner
Rooster cruiser, working girl's a loser, can't find the gears, just grind 'er

I have moxie like Deacon Jones,.... Honey that is something you can never quell
I once knew a horse that would kick the fence, .. just to ring his dinner bell

3 gigs.... maybe hit it big, like the song-smith from Oildale would
I got an app that tells me.. luckily, .. good times ain't over for good

I bought this mandolin from a man to win his wage by selling it
I'll earn mine if my hands keep time so I reckon I'll cross-pick it

I'll dance circles around you at the square dance next Saturday night
Then whittle you a fiddle like a scrimshaw honey if you take me home tonight