Daydream Dance
There's only one way, through the live long day
To satisfy my heart from our rendezvous

So, I tighten up my laces, imagining your face, is
next to mine and I daydream dance with you

Deep within my mind is churning, and only for you yearning
I hear a swinging band, so soft and blue

Guitars hold the rhythm, and a fiddle gliding with 'em
As I take your hand and daydream dance with you

Floating by, I watch you split the air
You twirl, I catch you in my arms
You are the belle of the ball and so fair
I am just learning of your charms

Well....the sawdust and low-light, and the crazy moon at midnight
makes a whirling splendor on our dance debut

A kiss, may I borrow, Honey, I'll give it back tomorrow
and have another daydream dance with you