Music & Lyrics by Brian Oberlin

Cardboard merchant on the corner
50 cent slots at 3 a.m.
Plenty going on besides your cell phone
Sugar boys looking for a friend
I'm going downtown tonight

Ballerina dancing to a soundtrack
Shopping cart parade on the street
Junkie Reinhardt busking on the sidewalk
Ladies heels clicking to the beat
I'm going downtown tonight

Telephone poles pregnant with posters on the corner
Hyping play-for-nothing bands of hipsters and a Hohner

Double dealing villains on the platform
Hungry urban campers by the rail
Pseudo honky tonkin' at the whiskey club
Bluegrass bands they pale....... so good at sipping ale now
I'm going downtown anyway


I know of the love of the common people
I'm calling out, like bells of a steeple

(but you) Won't hear coyotes howling
Stars don't light up the sky
Hustle fills the air in the city
Blinded to the eagles flying by
I'm going downtown anyway