Cajun Mandolin
Cajun Mandolin
Brian Oberlin
Key: A

Verse 1:
[A]I was driving ‘round Louisiana, I was down around Baton [E]Rouge
I was coming from a town way up north, ‘cause I didn’t want to hear the [A]blues
I thought I might find some music to mend my troubling [E]mind
When I got down to New Orleans, the only thing I could [A]find...

[D]Bourbon whiskey and a sloe gin
[G]Fiddle and a bow and a mandolin
and a [A]back beat keeping up with my heart
telling me I had to [D]stay

[D]Cajun music was in the air
[G]knew that I could get my share
of a [A]little bit of Louisiana picking
on a Cajun Mando[D]lin

Verse 2:
We played Diggy Liggy Low and Jolie Blon and a song about Grandmere too
we got down around the bayou cane, had a little bit of alligator stew
I knew that was surely in heaven as the light was shining in
When we got over ‘round Lafayette I heard it all over again