Boneyard Vamp
Boneyard Vamp
Brian Oberlin
Key: Gm

[Gm]Whoa Mama... Don’t put that spell on me (I said now)
[Bb]Whoa Mama.... you’ll bury me six feet deep ( ‘cause you’re a)
[Gm] Bad Mama.... reckless love and deceit
....put it back on the tree
give me back my [C]heart, and [D]keep on rolling it along

Verse 1:
[Bb]Baby step back put it back on the rack, this ain’t a [F]handout
You’ve got a mind to leave, that will surely make me grieve there’s [Bb]no doubt
[C]Girls like you are always so [D]evil
[C]wherever you go, you know you get your [D]will
While [Eb]I’m left sitting here with the moon and the [D]still...... night

Verse 2:
You’ve got a hankering for a little tinkering around on my heart strings
Another melody that’ll be written on the premise of a Malo sting
I thought my days of sorrow would be through
But now I have one more day thanks to you
Just keep my hair out of your bubbling brew.....

Verse 3:
You guys are funny when you're handling your money, it's a fresh start
Spend it on a lady better lock it in your pocket, that's the easy part
Keep your hands out of that medicine drawer
I don't want to end up on the floor
I've got a belly full of grins and I want to make some more