Hold On
(Frank Solivan/Jillian Lea) Fiddlemon Music (BMI)

Frank Solivan - lead and harmony vocals, mandolin
Chris Luquette - guitar and harmony vocals
Mike Munford - banjo
Jeremy Middleton - bass and harmony vocals
“Hold On” Choir:
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Jason Carter, John Cowan, Rachel Halbedl, Jillian Lea, Ava-Belle, Elsa Mae and Channing Lynn

I wrote this in about 15 mins… last minute… taking lines and the chorus idea from an earlier writing session with Jillian Lea. Inspired by new love and remembering the “before times” I finished this song about a week before we went into the studio. It felt so good to have a song that nearly played and sang itself during the rehearsals for the record. It was so catchy that it naturally became the title track. We were lucky to have a bunch of friends and family sing in the HOLD ON CHOIR. This one just feels so good!